What we are

Fashion Research Group is a group of graduate students, university faculty, and curators based in southern Ontario who get together and discuss fashion. Coming at this historically dismissed or overlooked topic from multiple disciplines, the group aims to explore and broaden the conversations surrounding fashion and fashion research taking place in universities, galleries, museums, and archives.

We take a broad and interdisciplinary approach to fashion and fashion research, with participants from the fields of art history, fashion studies, visual culture, communication and culture, women’s/gender studies, cultural history, theatre and performance studies, disability studies, and curatorial practice (to name a few). Topics of interest range from the factory to the thrift shop and from the boudoir to the runway. We explore how fashion performs through multiple and diverse media, including film, art, theatre, objects, advertisements, and exhibitions, with a specific interest in sharing methodologies and theoretical frameworks. We hope to further explore these and other topics through a series of meetings, symposiums, and events. Finally, we are committed to further promoting the fashion research community in bringing together multiple disciplines, methodologies, and approaches to this field.