Fashion and the Contemporary Avant-Garde (February 11-14, 2015)

Fashion and the Contemporary Avant-Garde

CAA 103rd Annual Conference

New York, New York, February 11-14, 2015

Due May 9, 2014


Charlene K. Lau, York University,

In the words of the critic and art historian Hal Foster, there is a “need for new narratives” in the history of the avant-garde. This session provides a platform for fashion within theoretical discussions of the contemporary vanguard and posits that fashion is one such genealogy of the avant-guard. However, the term “avant-garde” has become a catchall in fashion discourse for conceptual, experimental, or intellectual practices.  A more critically rigorous definition of the avant-garde in fashion is needed for these new narratives to be possible, one which (re)draws the connections between the vanguard and its social and political aims. In this vein, papers from across disciplines are welcome, proposing topics including but not limited to art and fashion, curatorial studies, display culture, performance and theater studies, popular culture, and wearable technology. Art and design historians, artists, critics, curators, and designers are invited to apply.



Due May 9, 2014

Proposals for participation in sessions should be sent directly to the appropriate session chair(s). If a session is cochaired, a copy should be sent to each chair, unless otherwise indicated. Every proposal should include the following five items:

1. Completed session participation proposal form, located at the end of this brochure, or an email with the requested information. (see PDF below)

2. Preliminary abstract of one to two double-spaced, typed pages.

3. Letter explaining speaker’s interest, expertise in the topic, and CAA membership status.

4. CV with home and office mailing addresses, email address,  and phone and fax numbers. Include summer address and telephone number, if applicable.

5. Documentation of work when appropriate, especially for sessions in which artists might discuss their own work.


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